Apache Stronghold/Save Oak Flat YouTube Videos

This is the short list of many videos that have been filmed about the battle to protect Oak Flat. For viewers convenience, Youtube videos from the Apache Stronghold Youtube channel and other multiple others sources have been compiled into a single Youtube playlist at Apache Stronghold Support This support playlist has links to the all YouTube videos shown below and more.
NBC Today Broadcast and Article
Sacred Apache land 'on death row' in standoff with foreign mining titans, Tribal members in Arizona are fighting to protect a piece of land they consider their "Mount Sinai." | By Christine Romo, Cynthia McFadden, Kit Ramgopal and Rich Schapiro, March 3, 2021 | Also on YouTube at
The Fight for Oak Flat is a documentary series about the proposed Resolution Copper Mine in Arizona and the people fighting to stop it from destroying Oak Flat, a unique natural area held sacred by indigenous peoples and used heavily by outdoor enthusiasts. Filmed, directed and edited by Craig Johnson, a filmmaker based in Phoenix, Arizona. Narrated by Don Steuter. Drone Footage was captured by Duke Romero and Nick Deo. Still photos by Steve Pavey. Audio mastered by Kevrie Howard. The film received financially support from the Sierra Club Palo Verde Group and Grand Canyon Chapter. All filmmaking decisions were made solely by Craig Johnson.