Old San Carlos Memorial 

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N Magma Shaft 9 Rd, Miami, AZ 85539

Directions to Old San Carlos Memorial


N Oracle Rd to AZ-77 N to US-70E
Exit from US-70 E to Coolidge Dam Rd in Peridot (Right after Bashas) Continue south on Coolidge Dam Rd. The entrance to Old San Carlos Memorial will be on your left. Follow signs to final destination.


US 60 E through Globe
(Note:  US 60 E turns into US 70)
US 70 E to Peridot

Exit from US-70 E to Coolidge Dam Rd in Peridot (Right after Bashas) Continue south on Coolidge Dam Rd. The entrance to Old San Carlos Memorial will be on your left. Follow signs to final destination.

Plaques on Monument -Old San Carlos Memorial

The Past

What we know is to respect everything Usen created and to be grateful to everythin he provided; that was our civilization.


Since the creation of Mother Earth and all life, there was a love, respect and a reverence for our creator, Usen. There was innocence amongst the people who were free in spirit, thoughts, words and every day living. They lived almost every moment in spirituality and everything was in balance and that was harmony.

The spirituality of prayer was unimaginable and that this world will never know again.

Never know what it was like then, our Apache livelihood that was our civilization, and the dominant society came in and broke up that life, but we will never return to that life again. Some have tried the other way of life that was taught by the dominent society and some adapted to that life buth others will never try. So, we must preserve what is left in our God given religion to assure that our children will touch a dream of a world that once was, and to begin today with what God blessed us with. That is a day of healing." Marion Boni February 17, 2009

The Present

"Young Lady -Do I assilimilate? What do I teach my son when I am confused and frustrated? My grandmother and her mother before were placed in a land with boundaries. Do I accept the changes of this world, this land and instill the values, ideals and spirituality with Usen. I am confused with what I should believe between teachings of Usen and Christianity, what do I teach my son? .......this is why I seill see the world as my mother and grandmother....never changing...."  Cassie Hunter February 17, 2009

The Present

"Life as a prisoner at old San Carlos is a life of uncertainty, you were still held in bondage by the military. Being told when to eat, where to live, and left us with no instructions for survival. Me, as a man, how do I rase my children in a world of time? Just imagine you being held captive. I changed from what I was and can't go back to who I was. And as a father asked "Dad what do we do?" and you can't go forward, can't take a step and nowhere to turn. Serving and forced to deny our way of life of singing and praying. How a life on uncertainty affects the life of one, and no other time were we blessed by our, as to once again survive a holocaust......surviving or denying our way of life, being constrained, yet again we survived through that......"  Jeremy Dude February 17, 2009

The Future

Good Morning. My name is Naelyn Pike. I am 9 years old and the daughter of Vanessa and Willie Pike. I am very honored to be here today and be a part of this special occassion. 

What I have learned during the course of the Geronimo Project was that We were a Society that had Respect for Life. We went through a time of war, through prison confinement, and now we live a continuing life of uncertainty.
But Today, you have brought healing through our oldest prayers with our oldest songs that always connect us to the greatest gift Usen has give the world. That gift is Life and the Spirit to enjoy all the creations on Mother Earth. Our prayers and songs which connect us are found no where else in the World.
I will no longer be a vcictim to the Disaster that existed here. I will heal along with many others, and will push to regain our identity and work to restore our People's religion.
Butlet me remind you, I and others can not do this without you. For you must teach us by telling us the truth, just as you did today, so that we, today and tomorrow's generation, can begin to see the passage to our future.
We must protect all Usen's creations as did our ancestors. So, I ask each of you today to join us in the healing so that we may change tomorrow. Help me to give the opportunity to let my little sisters and those yet to be born a chance to enjoy all that was created.
Usen, thank you for this special day, by bringing us all together, I ask you to bless each and everyone of us as well as those who carry heavy hearts, for we are all victims of the past. Let us leave this special place with the love of our Great grandmothers and grandfathers wishes, to be the Proudest people and Help the resto of the World to understand all Usen's creations for We must save the Spirit of Mother Earth. Naelyn Pike Febnruary 17, 2009
Reverand William Barber II visits Old San Carlos Memorial and participates in traditional Apache Holy Ground Ceremony 9/27/2017