This is the short list of many videos that have been filmed about the fight to protect Oak Flat. Youtube videos from the Apache Stronghold Youtube channel and multiple media sources have been compiled into a single Youtube playlist at Apache Stronghold Support. This playlist has links to the all YouTube videos shown below and many  more.
The Run to Save Oak Flat - A group of students from the Brophy Native American Club ran 227 miles through snow, forest and desert to pray and protest for the protection of Oak Flat in Arizona's Tonto National Forest. February 17-20, 2022
Prayer site at Oak Flat Campground vandalized 
Arizona Republic, October 30, 2021 - 
Read associated article,  As copper mine fight continues, vandals strike sacred altar at Oak Flat, Debra Utacia Krol Arizona Republic

Apache Stronghold Spiritual Convoy to the 9th Circuit Court
October 9-22, 2021
Music Montage Videos of Apache Stronghold Spiritual Convoy by Indigenize Nations 

House of Natural Resources Deomocrats Full Committee Markup
 April 28, 2021 - Full Committee markup on to push legislation, including H.R. 1884 Save Oak Flat Act, to #BuildBackBetter​.  YouTube

House of Natural Resources Hearing on Save Oak Flat Act
April 13, 2021 - YouTube

The Apache war against copper mining: 'this is an act of desecration' 
The Guardian | Micah Geren , Marie-Hélène Carleton , Flora Villalobos, Tom Silverstone , Four Corners Media, Katie Lamborn and Charlie Phillips,  April 16, 2021

Apache tribe fights to save its centuries-old holy place 
NBC News | April 9, 2021 

A book talk with Lauren Redniss 
March 26, 2021  - 
The Center for the Future of Arizona, New America, and the Center on the Future of War hosted a talk with Lauren Redniss, 2017 MacArthur "Genius" Grant recipient and New Arizona Fellow at New America, on her new book "Oak Flat: A Fight for Sacred Land in the American West."

NBC Today Broadcast and Article

Sacred Apache land 'on death row' in standoff with foreign mining titans,
Tribal members in Arizona are fighting to protect a piece of land they consider their "Mount Sinai." | By Christine Romo, Cynthia McFadden, Kit Ramgopal and Rich Schapiro, March 3, 2021 | Also on YouTube at 

The Fight for Oak Flat  is a documentary series about the proposed Resolution Copper Mine in Arizona and the people fighting to stop it from destroying Oak Flat, a unique natural area held sacred by indigenous peoples and used heavily by outdoor enthusiasts. Filmed, directed and edited by Craig Johnson, a filmmaker based in Phoenix, Arizona. Narrated by Don Steuter. Drone Footage was captured by Duke Romero and Nick Deo. Still photos by Steve Pavey. Audio mastered by Kevrie Howard. The film received financially support from the Sierra Club Palo Verde Group and Grand Canyon Chapter.  |  All filmmaking decisions were made solely by Craig Johnson. 
  • The Fight for Oak Flat - Part 1 | A Western Apache spiritual leader fights to stop the destruction of his ancestral homeland. Two former miners worry this new mine will destroy their town's environment. A rock climber hopes to preserve hundreds of outdoor climbing routes. The Fight for Oak Flat is a short documentary about the proposed Resolution Copper Mine in Arizona and the people fighting to stop it from destroying Oak Flat, a unique natural area held sacred by indigenous peoples and used heavily by outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • The Fight for Oak Flat - Part 2 Toxic Mine Waste in Our Backyard | This follow-up film tells the story of a weary community in the Drippings Springs Valley, which would be displaced by mine waste if the Resolution Copper Mine in Arizona is approved. This is in addition to the destruction the mine will cause at Oak Flat, a sacred indigenous site and unique outdoor area covered by ancient oak trees. The film also looks at the water and air pollution caused by similar waste storage dams in Arizona and takes you to an endangered archeological site where generations of Native Americans lived. 
  • The Fight for Oak Flat - Part 3 Pipelines, Profits & Public Lands | Follow Roger Featherstone from the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition as he checks wildlife camera traps at Oak Flat and along the route of a proposed 20 miles pipeline, that would carry mine waste to the tailings dam site in the Dripping Springs Valley, as discussed in Part 2. We will also look back to the words of Roy Chavez, who passed from COVID-19 in 2020. Chavez was the former mayor of Superior, AZ just west of Oak Flat and spent the last years of his life educating the public about the impacts of the proposed Resolution Copper Mine. 
  • The Fight for Oak Flat - Part 4, A Spiritual Battle for Sacred Land tells the story of how Oak Flat was almost privatized this month. It also takes a deeper look at the spirituality of the Western Apache people and explains why Oak Flat is critical to the continued practice of their religion
LANDBACK Now: Oak Flat & the Apache Stronghold | Feb. 5, 2021 - Vanessa Nosie along with daughter Naelyn Pike of Apache Stronghold will join host Krystal Two Bulls, NDN Collective Director of LANDBACK Campaign, to talk about protecting Oak Flats from the world’s two largest mining companies: Rio Tinto & BHP, and what you can do to support.

Prayer site at Oak Flat Campground vandalized
Vandalism at a prayer site at Oak Flat, a campground within the Tonto National Forest in Miami, Arizona, is surveyed on October 29, 2021. | Joe Angel Juarez, Arizona Republic