March to Oak Flat

An Ever-Growing Story, the March to Save Oak Flat
Everyone is invited!
5th Annual March to Oak Flat, Feb. 8-10-2019
The Apache Stronghold has just announced the invitation for all to join the 5th Annual Oak Flat walk, February 8-10, 2019. We hope you can join us in solidarity with our spiritual journey of prayer and ceremony in protection of Chi'Chil'Ba'Goteel. Each year, hundreds of people have walked together for the 45 miles from the San Carlos reservation, through the mining towns of Miami and Globe, up to Oak Flat.  Everyone is invited! This walk is of spiritual importance to the Apache Stronghold and a way for us all to commit to protection of Oak Flat each year that the mine has still not been built!
Media Advisory 02/08/19: 5th Annual Walk to Protect Oak Flat  (PDF; 79 KB) - Apache Stronghold leads the fifth year of 45-mile spiritual walk from San Carlos to Oak Flat
Rideshare (From Tucson Only)
"Please join us in prayer and support as we continue the healing of freedom.  We will once again walk off the reservation freeing ourselves from the bondage of  federal policies and the  inaccuracies of the history of this country. We will no longer be invisible, for God the Creator, who is known throughout the world, has spoken, once again, through all his creations, that healing must begin to save what is left, so that those yet to be born will embrace the true spirit of life."  - Wendsler Nosie Sr.