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August 9, 2021 | As the fight continues to protect Oak Flat and our religion the 9th Circut Court has scheduled our court hearing for October 22, 2021. The Apache Stronghold will begin organizing a convoy to San Francisco On October 20-24, 2021. If there is anyone who would like to help organize the convoy or has connections in the San Francisco area who can help, please call Wendsler Nosie at 928-200-7762 or Vanessa Nosie at 928-215-1476. Please continue to Pray for Oak Flat and pray for the court to make the right decision to protect our holy place and acknowledge our religion so our future generations have the right to pray and believe in the blessed gift creator has given us all our Mother Earth. 
April 28, 2021 | House Natural Resources Committee Democrats, Full Committee Markup | Full Committee markup on Wednesday, April 28, to push legislation, including H.R. 1884 Save Oak Flat Act, to #BuildBackBetter​. Watch live 11:00 a.m. (EDT) or recorded version
03/19/2021 | Apaches Push 9th Circ. To Halt Copper Mine Land Exchange | Law360 (subscription only)
03/03/2021 | ACHP Letter to Acting Supervisor, Tom Torres, Tonto National Forest  | "FS leadership has advised us that the decisionto withdraw the FEIS has halted the statutorily requirement to transfer the land for this projectfollowing the publication of the FEIS. As you know, the ACHP is currently in the process of developing its comments to the Secretary of Agriculture in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act following its termination of consultation for this undertaking on February 11, 2021. Because the land will not be transferred next week, the ACHP intends to avail itself of the 45-day time limit provided in the Section 106 implementing regulationsto issue its comments. Therefore, pursuant to 36 CFR § 800.7(c)(2), the ACHP shall provide its comments to the Secretary no later than March 29, 2021." 
03/01/2021 | USDA puts brakes on land transfer for Arizona copper mine | AP News | Felicia Fonseca

03/01/2021 | US Forest Service Rescinds Resolution Copper Final Impact Statement  | Arizona Mining Oversight, Oak Flat Mining | See Forest Service Statement

02/22/2021 | Chair Grijalva Leads Letter to Acting Sec. of Agriculture Urging Withdrawal of Flawed Analysis of Oak Flat Mining Project Rushed Out by Trump Admin.  Chair Grijalva and colleagues sent a letter to acting Secretary of Agriculture Kevin Shea on February 19 urging reconsideration of the document, given its rushed timing and clearly political nature. Grijalva has been leading the issue since the insertion of an unrelated provision in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act mandating the federal government transfer 2,422 acres of Tonto National Forest land to Resolution Copper in exchange for less valuable land elsewhere.
02/17/2021 | Oak Flat Alert! Opportunity to Comment to ACHP on Effects to Historic Properties from Resolution Copper - National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers Newsletter

02/12/2021 |The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Council (ACHP) says mitigation commitments don't 'offset the destruction' of Oak Flat. They are asking what the public thinks of a proposed mine eventually abolishing historical places. The public comment period ends February 26 at 5 p.m. EST. The ACHP asks that comments be sent to The council will try to send their final comments to the Secretary of Agriculture by March 5 before the land transfer takes place.  

02/11/2021 | ACHP Letter to Tom Torres, Acting Supervisor, Tonto National Forest | The ACHP notified the USFS that it was terminating consultation on the development of a Section 106 agreement with the USFS in the Resolution Copper Project.

01/26/2021 | Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration Review of Massive Arizona Copper Mine That Would Destroy Sacred Oak Flat |  Tribal and conservation groups sued the U.S. Forest Service  

01/16/2021 | Transcribed copy of the 1852 Treaty available online at:

01/15/2021 | Tonto National Forest releases final Environmental Impact Statement, draft decision for Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange | The public may access the FEIS and draft ROD along with related documents on the project website at
01/09/2021 | Wendsler Nosie Sr. Oak Flat Announcement | Video Update

01/08/2021 | ACHP Letter to US Forest Service | "It is our understanding that at this time, the USFS intends to release the FEIS on January 15, 2021, which will include a copy of the final draft unexecuted PA that was provided to all consulting parties on December 28, 2020.As you know, Section 106 review must be completed prior to the approval of the expenditure of any federal funds on the undertaking or prior tothe issuance of any license. In this situation, the Section 106 review must be completed, meaning the PA would need to be executed,prior to issuance of the Record of Decision (ROD).


12/21/2020 | Congressional Letter to President-Elect Biden & Vice-President Elect Harris from members of Congress, Sharice L. Davids & Tom Cole 

12/15/2020 | ACHP Letter to Acting Supervisor, Tom Torres, Tonton National Forest regarding Assessment of Agency Official Compliance

11/25/2020 | Defending Holy Sites Call to Action, Dr. Wendsler Nosie Sr. | Video Updates

11/25/2020 | Save Sacred Oak Flat Federal Land and Stop Giveaway to Foreign-Owned Resolution Copper, NCAI, National Congress of American Indians

11/24/2020 | The Guardian, Revealed: Trump officials rush to mine desert haven native tribes consider holy

"Grijalva, who chairs the House natural resources committee, has asked the Forest Service to explain the reason for the accelerated timeline but as of late last week his staff had not received any clarification. Environmental groups are positioned to challenge the decision in court, while Grijalva and Senator Bernie Sanders have introduced a bill calling for the repeal of the land transfer. “If the land exchange happens, it will be difficult to roll back,” said Grijalva. “That is why this cannot be rushed. The Forest Service must do their due diligence because of what is at stake. The damage is irreparable.” 
11/19/2021 | NEWS FLASH! We have just learned that the Forest Service Plans to publish the Resolution Copper FEIS on January 15, 2021