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For Immediate Release: May 14, 2024, Becket Media Contact: Ryan Colby 202-349-7219 media@becketlaw.org
Apache Stronghold will ask Supreme Court to save Oak Flat, Full Ninth Circuit declines to rehear case, teeing up Supreme Court appealApache Stronghold will ask Supreme Court to save Oak Flat, Full Ninth Circuit declines to rehear case, teeing up Supreme Court appeal
This morning we received the response from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Our request to be heard by the full 29-judge panel was denied, none of the judges requesting a vote for rehearing. The Court amended its decision to discuss a previous Supreme Court decision that hadn’t been considered, and the 9th Circuit’s decision on the case remained closely divided, 6 to 5, with five dissenting judges and over 240 pages of opinions. We have now completed the 9th Circuit appeal, and the next step is petitioning to be heard by the Supreme Court. I want to thank everyone for your endless support and prayers. I know capitalism had began as far back as when trade began. For over 500 hundred years, we indigenous people of America, have suffered equally to the rest of the world. What had started in the beginning between good and evil will again face each other. One, to protect the greatest gift god gave the world or the other.,to destroy every human life and the spirit that Mother Earth gives birth to. The question is, where will you stand in this moment? We will all be judged. Blessings to all.
April 15, 2024, For Immediate Release, Becket Law, Media Contact: Ryan Colby 202-349-7219 media@becketlaw.org
03/19/2024, Urgent, please read!
The time is here to join the Apache stronghold in protecting all holy and sacred places. The words you share in your Amicus briefs will be read by US Supreme Court justices. Take action to have your voice heard by joining existing briefs or creating new ones. Please call today for more information. Apache Stronghold/Save Oak Flat. 
June 5, 2023 | NCAI tribal leaders stand unified with the Apache Stronghold. Resolution Copper was present and was educated on the issue. Pray! Pray for our tribal leaders as they make crucial decisions for our people.

Apache activist Wendsler Nosie seeks Rochester allies in fight against mining on sacred land | WXXI News, April 21, 2023
Wendsler Nosie, an environmental activist and former tribal chairman for the San Carlos Apache Tribe, is in Rochester this week to discuss the fight to prevent the federal government from selling a chunk of sacred land to copper mining company Resolution Copper. Wendsler Nosie, an environmental activist and former tribal chairman for the San Carlos Apache Tribe, is in Rochester this week to discuss the fight to prevent the federal government from selling a chunk of sacred land to copper mining company Resolution Copper. Nosie is scheduled to give a talk at Ganondagan State Historic Site at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 22, presented by RIT’s Native American Future Stewards program. He's also slated to visit SUNY Geneseo on Wednesday, April 26, to deliver the keynote address for Geneseo’s annual Great Day event, and he’s scheduled to speak at the Downtown United Presbyterian Church on Thursday, April 27, for an Earth Day event organized by the Gandhi Institute. His talk, titled “The Rumbling of Sacred Spaces: An Earth Day Message,” will touch on the fight for Oak Flat, and is part of a national tour of speaking engagements to raise awareness on the issue.
April 10, 2023, NGO Letter to President Biden
RE: Please protect sacred Oak Flat and Native Copper American culture from Resolution
Center for Biological Diversity • Earthjustice • League of Conservation Voters • Natural Resources Defense Council • The Wilderness Society • Patagonia • A Community Voice • Access Fund • American University Washington College of Law's Environmental Law Society • American University Washington College of Law Native American Law Students Association • Archaeology Southwest • Arizona Faith Network • Arizona List • Arizona Sustainability Alliance • Arizona Working Families Party • Black Hills Clean Water Alliance • Brophy Native American Club • Chispa Arizona • Clean Water Alliance • Dos Aguas of the Southwest • Friends of Buckingham • Great Old Broads of Wilderness • High Country Conservation Advocates • Indigenous Environmental Network • Living United for Change in Arizona • Malach Consulting • Mennonite Central Committee U.S. • Micah Six Eight Mission • Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment • Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness • Okanogan Highlands Alliance • Rock Creek Alliance • Rosewood Strong Community • Save the Scenic Santa Ritas • Spaces of Opportunity • The Clinch Coalition • Uranium Watch • Wateća Challenge • West Street Recovery Northeast Action Collective • Western Mining Action Network- Indigenous Caucus • Xplore Outside
Apache Stronghold back in court fighting for Oak Flat Ninth Circuit to rehear appeal of Native Americans and their allies
Media Contact: Ryan Colby | media@becketlaw.org | 202-349-7219
WASHINGTON – A group of Western Apaches, tribal leaders, faith leaders, National Congress of American Indians, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and grassroots organizations are headed back to federal court to protect their most sacred site from complete destruction by a foreign-owned mining company. On Tuesday, the Ninth Circuit will hear arguments again in Apache Stronghold v. United States after the court decided last fall to hear the case “en banc” — meaning in front of a full panel of eleven judges. Becket, along with attorneys Michael V. Nixon and Clifford Levenson, are defending the Apaches’ right to continue their longstanding religious practices at Oak Flat.
 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, March 11, 2023, APACHE STRONGHOLD vs. UNITED STATES PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION EN BANC HEARING MARCH 21, 2023 AT 10 A.M. | Apache S tronghold will travel the haring on a Spiritual Convoy, traveling to Pasadena, California beginning Sunday March 12th. The convoy, in prayer, will visit supporting Tribes, Churches and organizations leading to the 9th circuit Appeal court en banc hearing to protect a Sacred and Holy land, Oak Flat. We invite all to join us in the journey to Pasadena to be present for our Appeal Hearing. See Events page for convoy schedule and related events.
July 1, 2022 | "On this July 4th, like in years past, I will be going into prayer for our ancestors, our current families and all life to come. I can’t imagine how our people and so many others suffered when the 13 colonies decided to take over this country, now called the United States of America. The Old ones always talked about what our people had to endure and all the unspeakable suffering. This day will always be a day of mourning for me, especially since the U.S. continues with their greatest deceptions(exploitation of the lands resources disguised as freedom claims) to this country's population. America could definitely be far better than what it is. Thank you to all in this country for educating me. Thank you, to the medicine people, the holy ones as well as all the Reverends and Preachers for standing your ground to help me and advise me to fight this war against Colonization and capitalism spiritually. For all decisions that we individually and collectively must make, has to be for Mother Earth and all the children of the world. Be reminded that everything made in the beginning was (Usen) God's greatest gift, Mother Earth. Without our Mother Earth nothing exists. Blessings
My intent is not to offend anyone, but to speak of reality.",  Wendsler Nosie Sr.
May 13, 2022 | Watch Video Statement, Wendsler Nosie Sr. - Az representative from NW Phoenix district 8 introduced House bill to the natural resources committee to push the FEIS Thru for Resolution copper. With Arizona currently in a drought she is not representing her constituents. Call her office , your representatives, to revoke the bill . We do not support destruction of oak flat and the contamination of billions of gallons of ground water . for more information www.Apache-stronghold.com .
Wendsler Nosie Sr.
May 12, 2022 | WASHINGTON D.C. - Today, U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) introduced H.R. 7722, the Unleashing American Resources Act, to require the Secretary of Agriculture to reissue the final Environmental Impact Statement for the Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange to allow the Arizona facility to immediately begin production.  PLEASE CALL AZ Congresswoman Lesko. Tell her to withdraw H.R. 7722!
Washington Office: (202) 225-4576 | District Office, Surprise, AZ (623) 776-7911
Press Release: https://lesko.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=2711. | H.R. 7722:  https://www.congress.gov/.../117th-congress/house-bill/7722/
On Thursday, May 12, 2022, at 10:00 A.M. EDT, the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources will hold a hybrid legislative hearing titled, “Reforming the Mining Law of 1872and will consider the following legislation: H.R. 7580 (Grijalva): The Clean Energy Minerals Reform Act. The hearing was livestreamed on the Committee’s YouTube page. Watch now
March 24, 2022 | The crosses at Holy Ground have been violated. This happened sometime after midnight on March 22, 2022. Please read the Apache Stronghold letter to the San Carlos Apache Tribe chairman Terry Rambler. Wendsler asks for everyone to call the Tonto National Forest Service and ask why they have not responded to the destruction of Holy Ground at Oak Flat, nor have they taken measures to protect it. This is the 3rd time the Holy Crosses at Oak Flat have been vandalized. These are hate crimes against a peaceful religion which should be protected by law. Remember, the calls are very effective and important. Your prayers are appreciated. Tonto National Forest Supervisor's Office - (602) 225-5200
11/01/2021 |  Protect Oak Flat: Hate Crimes at Holy Ground - This past week a hate crime has occurred at Oak Flat. Watch video to see how you can help!
10/30/2021 |  As copper mine fight continues, vandals strike sacred altar at Oak Flat | Arizona Republic | Debra Utacia Krol, Oct 30, 2021 | Video Interview
10/29/2021 |  "With a heavy heart I share the sad news that our Holy Ground Crosses at Oak Flat were destroyed. It bring sadness to our hearts that someone would do this. It is no different than a church being vandalized or set on fire. Please continue to pray for Oak Flat as evil is around.",  Apache Stronghold/Save Oak Flat on Twitter
10/08/2021 |  Apache Stronghold News Release 10/8/2021 | Apache Stronghold Spiritual Convoy to 9th Circuit Court 
10/07/2021  | RE: Freedom of Information Act Tracking Number 2021-FS-R3-05821-F |  Apache Stronghold response "This shows that the decision to swap the land was made prior to the completion of an appraisal of the value of the land(Oak Flat) to be traded. How can anyone accept this? Congressional leaders never had the best intention for anyone. Let's stand together to stop this. This sets the precedent that all places will be destroyed no matter what faith and without any care for the environment." - Wendsler Nosie Sr.
09/29/2021 | Oak Flat Update From Wendsler Nosie Sr. | Apache Messenger, Vol. 2 No. 39, 09/21/2021
09/28/2021 | Apache Stronghold Spiritual Convoy to the 9th Circuit Court | As the fight continues to protect Oak Flat and our religion the 9th Circut Court has scheduled our court hearing for October 22, 2021. The Apache Stronghold is organizing a convoy to San Francisco.  


09/22/2021 | Poll: 3 in 4 Arizonans Oppose Resolution Copper Mine, Support Protecting Sacred Oak Flat | News Release, Center for Biological Diversity

04/28/2021 | House Natural Resources Committee Democrats, Full Committee Markup | Full Committee markup on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 to push legislation, including H.R. 1884 Save Oak Flat Act, to #BuildBackBetter​. Watch  recorded version  https://youtu.be/U1aE4sdnueA
03/19/2021 | Apaches Push 9th Circ. To Halt Copper Mine Land Exchange | Law360 (subscription only)
03/03/2021 | ACHP Letter to Acting Supervisor, Tom Torres, Tonto National Forest  | "FS leadership has advised us that the decisionto withdraw the FEIS has halted the statutorily requirement to transfer the land for this project following the publication of the FEIS. .." |
03/02/2021 | Biden administration pauses transfer of holy Native American land to mining firm | The Guardian | Annette McGivney, March 2, 2021
03/01/2021 | USDA puts brakes on land transfer for Arizona copper mine | AP News | Felicia Fonseca |
03/01/2021 | US Forest Service Rescinds Resolution Copper Final Impact Statement  | Arizona Mining Oversight, Oak Flat Mining | See Forest Service Statement 
02/22/2021 | Chair Grijalva Leads Letter to Acting Sec. of Agriculture Urging Withdrawal of Flawed Analysis of Oak Flat Mining Project Rushed Out by Trump Admin.  Chair Grijalva and colleagues sent a letter to acting Secretary of Agriculture Kevin Shea on February 19 urging reconsideration of the document, given its rushed timing and clearly political nature...
02/17/2021 | Oak Flat Alert! Opportunity to Comment to ACHP on Effects to Historic Properties from Resolution Copper - National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers Newsletter

02/12/2021 |The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Council (ACHP) says mitigation commitments don't 'offset the destruction' of Oak Flat.   

02/11/2021 | ACHP Letter to Tom Torres, Acting Supervisor, Tonto National Forest | The ACHP notified the USFS that it was terminating consultation on the development of a Section 106 agreement with the USFS in the Resolution Copper Project.

01/26/2021 | Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration Review of Massive Arizona Copper Mine That Would Destroy Sacred Oak Flat | Tribal and conservation groups sue the U.S. Forest Service

01/15/2021 | Tonto National Forest releases final Environmental Impact Statement, draft decision for Resolution Copper Project and Land Exchange | The public may access the FEIS and draft ROD along with related documents on the project website at https://www.resolutionmineeis.us/

01/09/2021 | Wendsler Nosie Sr. Oak Flat Announcement | Video Update

01/08/2021 | ACHP Letter to US Forest Service | "It is our understanding that at this time, the USFS intends to release the FEIS on January 15, 2021...," 


12/21/2020 | Congressional Letter to President-Elect Biden & Vice-President Elect Harris from members of Congress, Sharice L. Davids & Tom Cole 

12/15/2020 | ACHP Letter to Acting Supervisor, Tom Torres, Tonton National Forest regarding Assessment of Agency Official Compliance

11/25/2020 | Defending Holy Sites Call to Action, Dr. Wendsler Nosie Sr. | Video Updates

11/25/2020 | Save Sacred Oak Flat Federal Land and Stop Giveaway to Foreign-Owned Resolution Copper, NCAI, National Congress of American Indians

11/24/2020 | The Guardian, Revealed: Trump officials rush to mine desert haven native tribes consider holy