Marching into Oak Flat Feb 2018
March to Oak Flat
Marching through mining towns of Globe-Miami, AZ to Oak Flat
An ever growing story, Annual March to Save Oak Flat each February.

"We will once again walk off the reservation freeing ourselves from the bondage of federal policies and the inaccuracies of the history of this country. We will no longer be invisible, for God the Creator, who is known throughout the world, has spoken, once again, through all his creations, that healing must begin to save what is left, so that those yet to be born will embrace the true spirit of life." - Wendsler Nosie Sr.

10th Annual Chi'chil Bildagoteel Oak Flat March/Run
February 15-18, 2023 Download Flyer
Thursday, Feb 15 - 4pm Holy Ground Blessing & Dinner @ Old San Carlos Monument. Run will follow after blessing.
Friday, Feb 16 - 8am March/Run will begin @ the New Skate Park (Sport Complex) and will end in Miami, AZ at the Shrine.
Saturday, Feb 17 - 8am Run will begin @ the Shrine in Miami, AZ to Oak Flat.
1:00 pm - Pomo Blessing
1:20 pm - Tohono O'odham Blessing
1:40 pm - Red Mountain Thacker Pass
2:00 pm - Common Defense
2:20 pm - Prayer Rising
2:40 pm - Song and Prayer
4:00 pm - Gaan Blessing
If camping, please bring warm clothes, camping gear, chairs, and sanitation supplies.  Meals will be provided.
Contact Vanessa Nosie 928.215.1476,
Wendsler Nosie Sr. 928.200.7762