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Articles & Media Relating to Rio Tinto and BHP, Owners of Resolution Copper

Aboriginal group hopes for national standards in Juukan inquiry | Reuters | October 15, 2021

BHP Webinar Oak Flat Presentation | Arizona Mining Reform, YouTube Video, October 13, 2021

BHP: Leave Oak Flat Alone | Arizona Mining Reform, YouTube Video October 12, 2021

International Day of Action Against BHP | Arizona Mining Reform Action Alert, October 12, 2021

The BHP Disaster in Latin America: Experiences of Resistance and Solidarity | London Mining Network | September 23, 2021

BHP aims to ease tribal tensions over US copper project with Rio, Miner seeks direct talks as partner struggles to regain indigenous landowners’ trust | Financial Times, October 14, 2021  

Rio Tinto being investigated by Financial Conduct Authority | This is Money, September 26, 2021 | "Rio Tinto is being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority over claims it misled the market about its sprawling £5billion copper mine in Mongolia's Gobi Desert."
Rio Tinto yet to pay compensation over sacred site destruction | Reuters | Melanie Burton, August 28, 2021
Water Scarcity Is Starting to Bite in Biggest Copper Supplier | Bloomberg | James Attwood and Thomas Biesheuvel, August 20, 2021 | "In Chile this week, a BHP Group mine was ordered to halt groundwater pumping for three months..."
Rio Tinto Mismanagement Caused Mongolia Copper Mine’s Woes, Report Says | Wall Street Journal | Alistair MacDonald & Rhiannon Hoyle, Aug. 9, 2021
BHP in trouble again in Chile | London Mining Network, Jul 29, 2021, BHP does not respect indigenous consultation: the Complementary project for the Cerro Colorado Mine will…
Evasion and hypocrisy: the 2021 Rio Tinto plc AGM | London Mining Network, Apr 14, 2021 | Report by Richard Solly, Co-ordinator, London Mining Network, with assistance from Dina Rui, Roger Featherstone, Sukhgerel Dugersuren, Yvonne Orengo and Zoe Lujic
Hidden in plain sight: BHP’s 2020 AGMs | London Mining Network, Oct 17, 2020, Former residents of the Tabaco community, La Guajira, Colombia, stand in the ruins of their… 
Rio Tinto promised to respect indigenous people. It has a chance to in the U.S. | Washington Post | Lauren Redniss September 22, 2020
Rio's latest mistake: Putting a price on the priceless | The Sydney Morning Herald | Elizabeth Knight, August 28, 2020
Rio Tinto's Australian tailings dams revealed in wake of Brazil disaster | The Sydney Harold | Hamish Hastie February 21, 2019
Brazil’s Latest Dam Disaster: Human Loss and Environmental Degradation | Australian Institute of International Affairs | Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann Feb. 11, 2019
Terrifying moment of Brazil dam collapse caught on camera | YouTube · Guardian News February 1, 2019
Rio Tinto attempts to bribe Arizona State Parks with land gift | Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, Nov 2018
Samarco dam disaster: dealing with the fallout of a tragedy 30 July 2018 (Updated Jan. 21st, 2019) | Mining Technology 
Rio Tinto Admits to Bribary Charges | The Moccasin | Sandra Rambler, March 31, 2010