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Articles & Media Relating to Rio Tinto and BHP, Owners of Resolution Copper


Rio Tinto unit faces criminal case in Canada over injured worker | Feb 5, 2024, Divya Rajagopal, Reuters


After 150 years of damage to people and planet, Rio Tinto ‘must be held to account’ (commentary) | Apr 5, 2023, Mongabay, Saul Jones

Rio Tinto:  A Legacy of Destruction Graphic | London Mining Network | Rio Tinto cannot be trusted. For 148 years, the company has claimed to be "essential for human progress", but its promises are nothing but hollow talk. Whether by destroying Indigenous heritage, restricting access to water or being implicated in spurring civil war, Rio Tinto has show consistently that it's willing to trample on local people and wreak havoc on the environment when there are profits to be made.


BHP prepares for fresh battle against $6.6 bln Brazil dam lawsuit | Reuters, by Kirstin Ridley, March 31, 2022. "The collapse of the Fundao dam, owned by the Samarco venture between BHP and Brazilian iron ore mining giant Vale (VALE3.SA), ranks as Brazil's worst environmental disaster. Nineteen were killed and villages obliterated as a torrent of more than 40 million cubic metres of mining waste swept into the Doce river and Atlantic Ocean over 650 km (400 miles) away." "A representative of the Krenak indigenous communities in London said yesterday: “Every time that I remember what my family and my community has gone through, every time that I revisit the river, I become angry."

Report Details Sexual Harrassment, Racism at Mining Giant Rio Tinto | E&E News, Greenwire, Feb 1, 2022 

'Deeply disturbing.' Rio Tinto says bullying, sexism and racism are rife at the company | CNN Business, Feb 1, 2022

Rio Tinto and Mongolia settle feud over Oyu Tolgoi copper mine | Reuters, Jan 24, 202


Copper mine protests spread in Peru, target Glencore and BHP's Antamina | Reuters, Oct 26, 2021

Aboriginal group hopes for national standards in Juukan inquiry | Reuters, Oct 15, 2021

BHP Webinar Oak Flat Presentation | Arizona Mining Reform, YouTube Video, Oct 13, 2021

BHP: Leave Oak Flat Alone | Arizona Mining Reform, YouTube Video Oct 12, 2021

International Day of Action Against BHP | Arizona Mining Reform Action Alert, Oct 12, 2021

‘Patience could run out’: Mongolia warns Rio over copper mine | Financial Review, Oct 9, 2021

The BHP Disaster in Latin America: Experiences of Resistance and Solidarity | London Mining Network, Sep 23, 2021

BHP: fine words, foul play report | London Mining Network, Sept 22, 2021

BHP aims to ease tribal tensions over US copper project with Rio, Miner seeks direct talks as partner struggles to regain indigenous landowners’ trust | Financial Times, Oct 14, 2021  

Rio Tinto being investigated by Financial Conduct Authority | Rio Tinto is being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority over claims it misled the market about its sprawling £5billion copper mine in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. | This is Money, Sep 26, 2021
Water Scarcity Is Starting to Bite in Biggest Copper Supplier |  In Chile, a BHP Group mine was ordered to halt groundwater pumping for three months | Bloomberg, Aug 20, 2021
Australian probe to put spotlight on sexual harassment at mining camps | Reuters | Melanie Burton and Kate Lamb, Aug 12, 2021
BHP in trouble again in Chile | London Mining Network, Jul 29, 2021
Evasion and hypocrisy: the 2021 Rio Tinto plc AGM | London Mining Network | Report by Richard Solly, Co-ordinator, London Mining Network, with assistance from Dina Rui, Roger Featherstone, Sukhgerel Dugersuren, Yvonne Orengo and Zoe Lujic, Apr 14, 2021

Hidden in plain sight: BHP’s 2020 AGMs  Former residents of the Tabaco community, La Guajira, Colombia, stand in the ruins... | London Mining Network,  Oct 17, 2020 
Rio's latest mistake: Putting a price on the priceless | The Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 28, 2020

2019 - 2010
Brazil’s Latest Dam Disaster: Human Loss and Environmental Degradation | Australian Institute of International Affairs, Feb. 11, 2019
Terrifying moment of Brazil dam collapse caught on camera | YouTube · Guardian News, Feb 1, 2019
Rio Tinto attempts to bribe Arizona State Parks with land gift | Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, Nov 2018
Samarco dam disaster: dealing with the fallout of a tragedy 30 July 2018 (Updated Jan. 21st, 2019) | Mining Technology, Jul 30, 2018 
Rio Tinto Admits to Bribary Charges | The Moccasin | Sandra Rambler,  Mar 31, 2010